Karon Beach Bayview

Karon Beach bayview

Bobby the Bear watches Karon Beach bay with excitement. Bobby will go on a sailing trip next week! Before that, Bobby is going to relax as much as possible.

Boat Lagoon

boat lagoon

One of Phuket's yachting harbors. There are facilities for maintenance and repairs as well, of course.

Sailing ?


The lack of wind is rather disappointing, «engine full speed ahead!»

Ko Racha

Ko Racha

The coastline of the island Racha. «Ko» means «island» in Thai language, btw. There is a small bay in the south of the island which provides good overnight anchorage for more than ten boats. The small houses on the cliff are part of a resort, btw.



Captain Bobby's log:
«Small island spotted in the afternoon. I ordered snorkeling and fun for everyone for the rest of the day. Almost no tourist on this island, although there is a small resort. Evening dinner with the crew in a restaurant at the beach.»
Bobby can finally take a rest from his adventures,...



The sailing trip was way too short for Bobby's taste. Now there is still time to spend a couple of days in a hotel close to the beach.

Enjoying a Singha Beer, Bobby tells his sailing adventure tales: «...and the sea dragon approached our vessel at an incredible speed...!»


crocodiles crocodiles

Uh, oh,... Bobby dislikes crocodiles!



Bobby is furious: «Why is there so much exclusive coverage about animals here? Just look at that stupid tiger! Sheesh, move over, tiger! Anyway, the tiger kitty-cat looks somewhat hungry,...»



Bobby thinks, this may actually be a good deal: Buying one gallon of «Advance VSX» engine oil will get you a free Pepsi can! Unfortunately, the Pepsi can has a temperature of approx. 35 centigrades. Or maybe these people keep the engine oil cold as ice?


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