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YouTube™ Tutorial:
Neo Geo MVS and JAMMA Interface

Our Gratitude, goes to arcade fans who spent lots of time and effort in order to create video tuturials like the one below. The small movie (with german voiceover) illustrates how to connect a Neo Geo MVS arcade mainboard to one of our JAMMA interfaces in order to play classic SNK Neo Geo games. This should be rather helpful for everyone who is interested in retro video games and game classics.

Have a look, please:

Short disclaimer: The small SCART add-on board is a prototype and not included as part of our JAMMA interface.

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Happy Birthday, Jim Marshall

Bobby Bear prefers Marshall tube amps...

Update: Sadly, Jim Marshall passed away on April 5th, 2012. Our condolences go to all of his family and friends worldwide. Rock music will never foget you!

- our original article from 2010 in memory of Jim Marshall remains below -

The Father
of Loud
turned 87 today! Without a doubt, the history of hardrock and heavy metal would have been completely different without the man who had founded Marshall Amplification in 1962. For the last 48 years, the amazing sound of vacuum tubes in various stages of overdrive has consistently inspired legions of guitarists and fans around the world. Distorted, yet crunchy and mellow enough with defined overtones - words are never going to do justice to the unique sound of tube amps; you have to experience it yourself!

In fact, I will never forget listening to my first heavy metal album in 1982: Out of curiosity, I had picked up a set of headphones in a record store and listened into Iron Maiden's The Number of the Beast album. The sound of background guitars hammering like freight trains together with the screaming overtones from the guitar solos became an instant revelation. I was immediately hooked and bought the (vinyl-)album on the spot. In retrospective, it was that sound which inspired me to play the guitar and to get myself a tube amp (much later) as well. Thank you Jim Marshall!

So may the loud days never be over - looking forward to the next 87 years!

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Editorial Lifestyle Twitter

Hooray, we are using Twitter!


Follow Us After numerous tests with various twitter widgets, we have finally discovered a nice solution for our layout. From now on you will find Bobby's most recent tweets in the rightmost column of our wepage. Everyone who already owns a twitter account is invited to follow our (in)famous bear, of course.
If you are lucky, you may even receive exclusive links to pictures, sneak previews of upcoming projects and notifications about our second-hand arcade game items for sale. If that's not enough, you can always send us messages as well. While we are going to write most of our tweets in English, you may choose to write us either in German, English or Japanese (日本語).

Bring it on!

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Metal HIM

Best of YouTube™ -
HIM - Heartkiller

Love Metal is a fitting term for the musical style of the Finnish band HIM. The recent song Heartkiller from their upcoming album Screamworks: Love in Theory and Practice is certainly no exception: That's nicely produced hard rock with poetic lyrics and catchy hooklines. Here is the official music video for Heartkiller (Flash-Player required).

HIM is by no means a one-hit-wonder - the band has been active for almost 14 years with a total of 11 longplay releases so far. Stay runed for a review of their upcoming album in February!

More information about the band, tour dates et al can be found on HIM's official homepage.

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Frustrating Holidays:
Our PlayStation™ 3 Slim and the
Clunk, Clunk Sound of Blu-ray Death

You are dismissed! The blu-ray player of our PlayStation™ 3 Slim was already dead just after 11 weeks of service!

We Believed
in Better
There are certain things we can live without during our holidays. This includes hardware defects of all kinds. On December 30th which is after only 11 weeks of service, the blu-ray player inside our PlayStation™ 3 Slim ceased to function (permanently). The end could not have been more dramatic: We were just enjoying the final minutes of the Hongkong epic movie Red Cliff on blu-ray disc, when the picture froze up all of a sudden right before the ending credits. Any further attempt to play a game- or movie blu-ray disc on the video game console was futile. Instead, the PlayStation™ 3 Slim commented every inserted blu-ray disc with a Clunk, Clunk sound. Surprisingly, DVDs and CDs were still being played back without problems.

your way»?
Unfortunately, we cannot confirm that marketing slogan. We have hardly used our PS3™ which we had bought shortly after the launch in September. In summary, we were able to play about ten games and five (!) blu-ray movies during that time.
Many thanks, Sony Computer Entertainment!

If you use your favorite internet search engine, you may find similar stories (English or German) here, here, or here.

Any similar experiences? Leave your comments in our community forum!

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Luna City Arcade

Retro One contender of the world's most impressive private collections of classic arcade games would certainly be Peter Hirschberg's Luna City in Virgina, USA. While the collection does consist of many refurbished pinball and video game cabinets from the 70s and 80s, the surrounding "gameroom" is probably even more impressive. It has been designed as an 80s video game arcade with impressive details, like accessories and fitting floor carpet. Have a look at the feature report from

Luna City is a private collection, so you cannot simply go there and visit. However, there are occasional events where visitors and/or the general public is also welcome.
More background infos can be found on Peter Hirschberg's homepage.

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Just Another Arcade Electronics Project:
Our RGB to NTSC Video Encoder

very usable for arcade game projects: our RGB to NTSC encoder

Vision All fans of genuine classic arcade games usually need either an arcade cabinet or an interfacing solution to their exiting tv/display at home. When it comes to non-arcade cabinet solutions, the 15 kHz RGB video signal from JAMMA standard arcade hardware needs to be displayed somehow. In Europe however, most tv sets feature RGB SCART inputs which will usually accept that 15 kHz RGB signal. Arcade classic fans outside of Europe either have to purchase an expensive multisync display or look for video signal conversion solutions. After numerous requests, we have been developing a small encoder circuit which is capable of converting the RGB video output into an NTSC video signal, thus allowing the user to connect a display/tv set via s-video cable.

The small encoder module is also well suited for "consolized" arcade hardware projects; e.g. when arcade hardware has to be adapted for home use.

Moreover, the new RGB to NTSC encoder can be combined with our Supergun/MAK interface (not included) - just plug into the RGB video output, attach the power supply and there you go!


RGB video (analogue, 15kHz, 60Hz interlaced) with composite sync or seperate H/V sync via HD D-sub15 plug
NTSC video (3,58 MHz) via S-video and composite sockets
Sync Select:
CSync or H/V sync input user switchable
Power Supply Range:
+5 Volts (min. +4,75; max. 5,25 Volts)
Power Select:
via Molex type or HD D-sub (pin 9) user switchable

Notice: If you would like to use the RGB to NTSC encoder as a "stand alone" module without our Supergun/MAK interface, then please make sure that the RGB input signal (red, green and blue colors) is adjustable. If you would like to solder your input (or output) lines directly to the board, we can always omit the connector(s), just let us know.

The output section of our RGB to NTSC encoder

Availability If you would like to have an NTSC encoder for your own arcade projects then we can offer the remaining boards 79,- Euro each incl. VAT. (ask for packaging and shipping costs, please).

This is not a do-it-yourself kit. All boards come fully assembled with all components. We also assure full ROHS conformity of our RGB to NTSC encoder boards. This is a private sale, so no refunds or warranty but no reason to worry: All boards are carefully tested and in working condition. We will also provide four pcb legs and one power supply cable (approx. 50 cm) with each board while supplies last.

If you are interested, please drop us an email:

All references to the JAMMA standard refer to the JAMMA «First Edition».

Errors and omissions excepted. All descriptions and specifications are subject to change without notice.

More infos about this project and detailed specifications can be found in our Arcade Workshop.

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Finally X-mas!

Rudolph the reeinder is well prepared...

Merry Christmas to all of our readers and fans wherever you are. We are going to spend a couple of well-deserved holidays until we are back again in January.

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Arcade Table Workshop -
Design objects for the occasional gamer

One of our previous Arcade Coffe Table projects - Kyoto

History These are unique and individually hand-crafted items - not a factory-made series! We only create a very, very limited number of items per year - if we are motivated at all. Usually, our friends and aquaintances grab our creations rather quickly. Occasionally, we may present an object here as «for sale/accepting offers» which means, we are open to serious offers.

Our most recent Arcade Coffe Table project - Treasure Chest

The picture above is a nice display of one of our recent tables in action. The wide-angle industry-TFT is equally impressive as the LED-illuminated arcade buttons don't you think?

Specs Do not be deceived by its retro style appearance - this baby is made of real wood and contains only brand new high-quality components. Here are some common specifications:

  1. Display: 19 inch, 15-31kHz RGB Multisync TFT (low, mid, high-resolution)
  2. Variable screen orientation (for horizontal or vertical gaming)
  3. Internal JAMMA interface for arcade PCBs
  4. Internal mounting space for arcade gameboards max. (WxLxH) 300mm x 350mm x 120mm
  5. Controlpanel for one player (includes connector jack for 2nd controller, Neo Geo standard)
  6. Joystick: Sanwa JLF-TP-8Y with bat top or bubble ball
  7. Buttons: Sanwa OBSAK-C30UM (LED-illuminated), 4x action, 1x start; one additional standard button for Coin-In
  8. Sound: Canton RS 130 CX, 2-way speaker
  9. Two internal fan-less power supplies (100 to 240 VAC) for TFT and gameboard
  10. Mains switch, mains fuse, 3m detachable power chord
  11. Body: a mixture of lumber and plywood (maple, birch, oak)
  12. Glass: 5mm safety glass
  13. Various finishes: red / black / mahogany, you name it!
  14. Weight: approx. 20-25kg
  15. Dimensions (HxWxD): 425mm x 702mm x 745mm

Treasured In order to avoid any confusion - our Arcade Table are not based on PC hardware or videogame consoles. Instead, the user can install JAMMA-compatible arcade game hardware boards (printed circuit boards, PCBs) into the table. The same hardware which is usually installed in video game arcades around the world.

Thanks to the internal JAMMA interface of our Arcade Coffee Table, you can plug in most JAMMA-compatible arcade PCBs which have been made during the last 20 years. The only restrictions may be the control type and/or the size of the PCB. The maximum PCB dimensions are approximately (WxLxH) 300mm x 350mm x 120mm.
The screen orientation can be easily changed from horizontal to vertical. This design is especially great for vertical shooting games!

Red Dragon arcade coffee table - top view

Last but not least, the girlfriend-compatible form-factor: If your girlfriend or spouse does not allow a true arcade cabinet in your house, then this may be the solution for you...

...or just upgrade your maid-cafe or ante room.

Check out our new Arcade Table Workshop area for more specs, infos and pictures!

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Lifestyle Arcade

As Featured On

Shocking surprise - our arcade coffee table creations made it into the «Top 12 luxurious arcade game tables» feature at

Ideals What an unexpected surprise! The well-established online lifestyle weblog has chosen our legendary Arcade Coffee Tables for their Top 12 luxurious arcade game tables feature! Check out the feature at for yourself. Some of those gaming tables really have quite unique designs so to say. Which one is your personal favorite of the Top 12 luxurious arcade gaming tables?

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Happy-Hour Weekend:
Our Guestbook is Finally Online!

Follow the White Rabbit...!

At last, our newly-designed guestbook is finally online. Check out the revolutionary user interface in three different languages! Depending on the link on our navigation bar, the user interface and instructions will either be in English, German or Japanese!

Thanks to our multi-cultural approach, visitors can always enjoy all guestbook entries in all available languages. Well, this does not necessarily mean that everyone will understand what's being written there, but it is a beginning...
So hurry up already and leave a comment on our guestbook pages in English.

Have fun!

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Arcade Cocktail Table Project in English!!

It took us several months to get this far!

To be honest, we did not expect much feedback when we submitted our arcade cocktail table project to the (Build Your Own Arcade Controls) website.
Meanwhile we have about one hundred pageviews every day for this project alone. We thought it would help quite a bit if we could provide the project description in English. So we pulled an all-nighter and here you go! At least it is better than those babelfish translations...!

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The Heavy-Metal Revolution!
Useless Computer-Generated Lyrics
For Your Heavy-Metal Band!

Dusting off!!!

Choose your scope:

I You He She We They

Heavy-Metal Lyrics Generator™, Version 0.6
(Fantasy/Gothic Style)

Up the irons! Check out Bobby Bear's random lyrics!
Who cares about meaningful lyrics or perfect grammar at all ???
In other words: Just like the real thing!
If you don't like 'em, just set the «Scope» selector to your preference and press the «Create» button repeatedly! Each press of the button will give you a new unique random line of ready-to-rock lyrics!
Some of you may argue that those lyrics may only be useful for Black Metal or Gothic Metal, though. My next upgrade may (or may not) contain a style-selector for different flavors of Heavy-Metal, mmm'kay.
Until then, it's free, so don't complain too much!

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Happy Hour Weekend -
WebCam Snapshots For All!

This dog has got a camera nose!

Does anyone remember the little webcam dog?
His name is Quan Zi btw. (犬子 «little dog» in chinese). Well, Bobby met him during his
trip to China and after some meddling with our USB ports, Quan Zi is meanwhile fully operational. He will provide occasional snapshots of Bobby and his friends, of course.
The webcam snapshot is at your disposal by using the navigation on the left!

Have fun!

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Our JAMMA Cabinet Projects:

Custom Arcade Coffee Table (JAMMA compatible) Arcade Table "Treasure Chest"
Not for sale!
Similar model available!
Custom Arcade Coffee Table (JAMMA compatible) Arcade Table "Red Dragon"
For sale!
Accepting offers!
Custom Arcade Coffee Table (JAMMA compatible) Arcade Table "Kyoto"
Not for sale!
Midway-style Arcade Cocktail Table with Neo Geo MV-4F Hardware Arcade Table "Neo Geo Cocktail"
Not for sale!

Our Arcade Custom PCBs:

JAMMA Interface PCB (MAK, Supergun) for your own projects JAMMA Supergun/MAK PCB
79,- € (incl. VAT)
RGB nach NTSC Video Encoder PCB for do-it-yourself projects RGB to NTSC
Video Encoder PCB
Currently not available!
Adapter PCB for do-it-yourself control panels with soldering pads Control panel adapter
21,- € (incl. VAT)
Adapter PCB for do-it-yourself control panels with terminals Control panel adapter with terminals
25,- € (incl. VAT)